Welcome to
Terra Viva

Where your Home merges with Nature

Living in Terra Viva is
to have the freedom to connect with the nature around you.

At Terra Viva we have worked tirelessly to make this project a sanctuary that allows you to remember your childhood and relive the memories of a simple, natural environment and at the same time enriched with amenities. 

We build homes that are a gift for your children and grandchildren, where you can be with your family, in a nest, in a safe haven, free and sustained in an environment where every day is an adventure in the middle of a lush fruit forest, accompanied by a diverse and charming fauna.

Roads of the
old Europe

We have conceived a “Cobble Stone” walk, lined with basalt stones that rescue the best of old Europe that allows us to enjoy the forest, with more than 57 species and 87 varieties of fruit trees and animals such as burritos, peacocks, guinea fowls, squirrels, sloths, birds of various species, among others.

An outdoor space, surrounded by greenery and harmony to connect with the family. It has a small lagoon that refreshes the area and allows us to feel the calm of being in the middle of nature.

Enjoying various activities in the open amphitheater, living in calm … feeling safe is a real gift for the community of the future.

Sharing in the
Zen Park

Strall on the Nature Trail of
Central Park

Your family deserves to find the space to reconnect with their childhood and live fully. This is achieved in Terra Viva where you can connect to the ground, feel the fullness of nature that embraces you with its fruit trees from which you can even harvest in total freedom.

Walk along the sensory trail, enjoy the shade of a good tree, watch the wildlife move freely, listen to the constant symphony by the wildlife, be part of a sustainable community living in harmony with mother earth.

All this is, living in Terra Viva.

A community that promotes
a different life

Terra Viva is an invitation to be part of a community where people live differently, united by the same values. 

and interests, creating bonds that transcend the doors of your home. 

Imagine sharing unique experiences with your neighbors, from picking fresh fruit on your morning walk to enjoying 

from the company of animals that add a touch of magic to your daily life.

We have thought of all the details to guarantee a life around high quality amenities.

The modern comfort of
Terra Viva

Amenities designed for wellness
and the enjoyment of the whole family

Imagine having a coffee with the founder of Terra Viva, and hearing first-hand his vision, essence and guide of how this dream can become a reality for you.