Meet our founder:
I. Roberto Eisenmann III

The visionary behind Terra Viva

Behind every great project, there is always a vision and a visionary. 

In the case of Terra Viva, that visionary is I. Roberto Eisenmann III, a professional whose passion and commitment to creating spaces of harmonious coexistence with nature have given life to this innovative residential project in the heart of Coronado. 

His career reflects not only a deep professional dedication but also a family legacy that has been crucial in forging sustainable and prosperous communities.

Legacy and passion.
The pillars of Terra Viva

I. Roberto Eisenmann III inherited his grandfather’s name, as well as his pioneering vision and commitment to responsible and sustainable development.

His grandfather, Bob Eisenmann, recognized as the forger of Coronado, laid the foundation for what is now one of the most vibrant and environmentally friendly communities in the region.

Inspired by this legacy, Roberto has dedicated his career to expanding and deepening that commitment, ensuring that every project under his leadership respects the environment and fosters an exceptional quality of life for its residents.

Meet the Founder

Values and principles of this
innovative project

I. Roberto Eisenmann III stands out for his firm belief in the importance of living in harmony with nature, a principle that has guided every step in the development of Terra Viva.

Its approach is based on creating homes and communities that coexist peacefully in a natural environment, promoting biodiversity and sustainability.

Committed to the values of integrity, innovation and community, Roberto seeks to ensure that Terra Viva is a reflection of these ideals.

Fusing design quality in homes and integral wellness between residents and nature.

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