Our Project
Terra Viva

A Natural Sanctuary

We understand that true quality of life is found in the perfect balance between comfort, community, and contact with nature.

Terra Viva was born from the vision of creating a natural sanctuary, a place where families and individuals can reconnect with the natural environment, enjoy the presence of diverse wildlife and nourish themselves from the earth with a wide variety of fruit trees.

Here, every detail has been thought out to promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, without compromising comfort and luxury.

A Comprehensive Approach
Towards a life in harmony with nature

Natural Sanctuary

A safe place to raise a family, surrounded by childhood memories in a simple yet enriched environment to give to children and grandchildren.

At Terra Viva you will find well-built, European-sized homes with high-quality finishes, surrounded by abundant nature.

This natural refuge is home to various species of fauna such as peacocks, donkeys, guineas, squirrels, iguanas, several species of birds, which live in harmony with our residents.

We know that this project is an invaluable opportunity for families to pass on knowledge, fun, and connection to the natural world.

Central Park

Imagine waking up every morning with the possibility of walking wrapped up in nature and picking fresh fruits directly from their source.

Feel the fresh soil along the natural path covered with grass, earth or leaves that detach and form a natural carpet, breathe that pure air that only nature is capable of giving.

You will have a home embraced by 57 species of fruit trees and 87 varieties of which you will be able to harvest their fruits.

At Terra Viva, connecting with the earth is part of everyday life.

Balance with the
Modern Life

We find the middle ground between contact with nature and modern comforts for a full life.

Our standard homes have the spaciousness your family needs, in a high-quality “European size” construction and a modern and pleasant design.

We also have the option of Tiny Homes, which are 10 contemporary-style tiny homes that complement the community with a chic and glamorous touch.

Terra Viva's community is a fundamental pillar

We believe that the future of residential living lies in the creation of strong communities, united by shared values and a deep respect for nature.

Terra Viva is the place where families can grow, learn and thrive together in a sustainable community that supports each other and nurtures the environment around them.

The Terra Viva community is important, which is why we focus on fostering these connections with expansive common spaces and events that reinforce a sense of community and belonging.

Come and discover more about Terra Viva

We invite you to live the Terra Viva experience, a unique project that redefines the experience of living in direct contact with nature, without giving up the comfort and quality of life that your family deserves.

Learn more about the project firsthand from the founder, Mr.
I. Roberto Eisenmann III.