Terra Viva Project

An oasis of life in nature

Terra Viva is a residential project that redefines the way of living in connection with nature in the heart of Coronado.

We know that living in harmony with nature is a palpable reality. That is why we dare to offer a unique lifestyle, surrounded by a forest of fruit trees, diverse fauna and a wide range of exclusive amenities.

Here, every day is a gift of childhood memories, in a simple, natural and safe environment.

Meet the Founder and Architect

The Arch. Juan Manuel Vásquez González and I. Roberto Eisenmann III have been working hand in hand for three decades on several projects in Coronado: The Equestrian Club, El Alcázar and the San Fernando Clinic.  Juan Manuel Vásquez González e I. Roberto Eisenmann III tienen tres décadas trabajando mano a mano en varios proyectos en Coronado: El Club Ecuestre, El Alcázar y la Clínica San Fernando.

You can count on both customize spaces based on your family’s needs.

The Studio is integrated and supported by the Architects Antonio J. Restrepo B., Ricardo Cedeño S. and Alberto A. Checa G..  

Photos credit to the Architect and Photographer Alfredo J. Martiz J..

Get to know the essence of Terra Viva


At Terra Viva, each home is designed to be a haven of peace and privacy. Learn about the options within our project


At Terra Viva, each Home is designed to be a haven of peace and privacy. 

With an architecture that integrates perfectly with the natural environment, we offer European-sized residences ranging from 131 square meters to designs of approximately 157 square meters.

Spacious, bright buildings, equipped with all modern comforts that balance perfectly with the nature that surrounds them.  

These homes feature panoramic forest views and customizable internal spaces to suit your needs and lifestyle.   

If you want to give your family tranquility and comfort, a home in Terra Viva is the option for you.

Photo and Plants are from our 3 bedroom Valerian Model.

Guest House

Aralia: approx. 24 m2 – Offered as an addition to the Standard Model


For those seeking simple, enriched living with a sleek, modern style, our Tiny Homes, nestled within a two-decade-old mahogany forest, are the perfect choice.

These compact, small residences of approximately 96 square meters, with contemporary and glamorous style offer your family an intimate living experience close to nature, without sacrificing luxury and comfort.

Some of these Tiny Homes will be equipped with a swimming pool ideal for sharing quality family time.

Family Globe

Every inch and corner of your life at Terra Viva® will be filled with the tranquility of nature, stimulating all the senses and bringing you closer to it with the comforts of home.

Habitat and Fauna

To live in Terra Viva is to live in the middle of a forest, to share the environment with an amazing variety of flora and fauna.



From peacocks to burritos to a myriad of birds and native species, our forest reserve is a sanctuary of biodiversity.

By being part of this community you will be able to enjoy outdoor walks, bird watching and a large recreational area, which becomes a gift for your children and grandchildren.

Exclusive community that respects nature

More than a residential project, Terra Viva is an exclusive community where the connection between neighbors and the natural environment is encouraged.

We encourage a lifestyle where cooperation, respect and friendship flourish.

Our vision is to create an environment where each member feels part of something bigger, sharing values and unique experiences.

Fusion of comfort and nature

Meet the modern amenities of Terra Viva

Be part of Terra Viva

This project redefines the concept of residential living with a perfect combination of nature, community and luxury, do you want to be part of this community?

If your answer is yes, schedule a coffee date with the founder of Terra Viva and find out if it’s for you.